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NEW! Windows Server 2012 Now Available

Could this be Microsoft’s greatest and best work? Windows Server 2012 is the world class solution to being productive from anywhere around the world. And, now Supreme Servers is making it available on all our Windows VPS Hosting plans. Check out this new and amazing platform focusing on: Personalized experience Any device anywhere Secure and…..

“Ruby on Rails” Linux templates now available.

Once again Supreme Servers is making things more efficient for our clients. It is what many web developers have been waiting for… Ruby on Rails. It is now available via the VPS Control Panel for your VPS. With this new framework that utilizes the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern, programming just got easier. For more information…..

24/7 Live Chat: Technical Support is Live!

Communication between Support and you just got better. At Supreme Servers we are always looking for ways to improve our services and make things better and easier for our clients. That is why we have made our 24/7 Technical Support live through online chat. Test it out the next time you need help with your…..

Supreme Servers Expands into Dallas, TX, is pleased to announce it has expanded its services into Dallas, Texas. After months of planning and implementation, customers can now choose to have a VPS in 3 locations: 1. Miami, Florida 2. Toronto, Canada 3. Dallas, Texas You can instantly deploy and manage multiple VPSs from each location under one account and one…..

Miami Facility Network Upgrade – Providing faster than ever connectivity

In line with our commitment to speed and high performance, Supreme Servers is pleased to announce the recent upgrades at our Miami facility: 1. 10-fold increase of our network connectivity 2. Additional node redundancy 3. Network infrastructure upgrade The upgrades have made our network more robust, resilient and faster, delivering an even better service to…..

Supreme Servers Cloud – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

New location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada VPS Hosting is pleased to announce its new facility in Toronto, Canada. After months of planning and implementation you can now choose to have your VPS in Miami, Florida or Toronto, Ontario, Canada or both! You can instantly deploy and manage multiple VPS’ from each location under one account….. signs up with a well known, popular portal for South Beach, Miami, signs up with Supreme Servers., was looking for a reliable host, after terrible experiences from other hosting companies. After extensive research they selected to host their multiple high traffic websites. offers a comprehensive directory great deals on Hotels, Dinning, Night Clubs, Exotic….. VPS Hosting Plans have just got better is pleased to announce an upgrade to our VPS Hosting plans. Over the last few weeks we have been busy upgrading our platform to offer you even more value for the same price. Please visit our hosting plan pages for details. Windows VPS Hosting: Linux VPS Hosting: Our customers also benefit from…..

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