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R2-D2 moves to Supreme Servers!

The creator of the iconic robot R2-D2 has moved all his hosting to Supreme Servers!

Tony Dyson, the creator of R2-D2 from the Star Wars franchise, and now launching a new range of eBooks for Children, has moved all of his hosting requirements to Supreme Servers, the leader in speed and performance in the enterprise class scalable US hosting market.

Dyson is currently working on a range of eBooks for children, with embedded videos in them as an integral part of the story structure. Netdreamer Publications will be going live very soon with its first Multi-Media eBook, called “The adventures of Clive and Sue BobbeKin”, while a crowdfunding campaign will be launched on 13th April, 2013.

“I need a fast, reliable server and that’s why I moved to Supreme Servers,” said Dyson. “The service I’ve received has been outstanding. From the first enquiry through to the service I use today, the staff have consistently been professional and always treated me as another valued customer, even before they knew about my connection with Star Wars. I’ve been very impressed with the fast servers, competitive pricing and the VIP support.”

Thanks to Supreme Servers, Dyson’s servers are now hosted in high specification data center facilities, offering unparalleled speed and performance. With ‘always on’ guarantees and 100% uptime Dyson now has a fast connection and full control of his own VPS servers. While the support is provided by an experienced team of experts and available 24/7.

“It’s not possible to run a business any longer without a large graphical requirement,” said Dyson. “And for that you need good hosting.”

“As big fans of the Star Wars franchise we’re very excited that R2-D2, or his creator at least, is now a Supreme Servers customer,” said Karl Mendez of Supreme Servers. “What Tony is doing with Netdreamer Publications is both innovative and exciting, but it needs great hosting running behind the scenes. That’s what we’re providing and we’re looking forward to the launch and to read and watch more about Clive and Sue BobbeKin.”

Netdreamer Publications launched on March 19th, 2013 and will provide a new range of children’s eBooks that fully embrace and integrate video, music and still images into the stories, alongside the text. The first project, part of the BobbekinWorld series is “The adventures of Clive and Sue BobbeKin”.

The crowdfunding campaign to help launch the eBooks goes live on April 13th and can be found on IndieGoGo here –

“It would seem that when we fall madly in love with one form of media, it’s hard for us to let go, but when we look back we find it equally strange to understand why this is,” said Dyson. “This is currently the phase we’re in with printed books. I love printed books and I think I always will, but there is no competition between the eBook experience is so much richer.”

“We are taking full advantage of this brand new media for children. We believe that the more you can engage your reader in your story line, the richer their experience will be and the longer they will remember your message.”

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