How to Share Files Between Your Windows VPS and Your Local Computer Using Remote Desktop Connection

1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection program

2. Click the "Options" button on the bottom left, then go to the "Local Resources" tab within options

3. Click the "More..." button under the section entitled “Local devices and resources”

4. Under Local devices and resources, put a check in what you would want to share between your VPS and your local computer. In this example, I chose to share Smart cards, and all the drives on my local computer. From the prior screenshot, it can be seen that I am also sharing the Printers and the Clipboard.

5. Lastly click on the “OK” button and then click on “Connect”.

6. Once you are logged into your VPS, open the file manager and navigate to where the drives reside (normally "Computer"). You will see the drives you attached in previous steps listed in the file manager.

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