Mar 19th Supreme Servers - Coronavirus Update

We are committed to support all employees and customers throughout the uncertainty of this viral outbreak. We are continuously evaluating the developing situation and following Governmental and WHO guidelines, whilst ensuring we continue to deliver the services required to our customers. Some key points regarding our continued support: We can ... Read More »

Dec 1st Data Center Facility Upgrades

To support our increasing demand of service, we have been upgrading our power infrastructure and network in our various datacenter locations. Clients will be notified via email of any upgrades that may be effecting their server's uptime.

May 7th Linux VPS & Memory Upgrades

We has upgraded our Linux VPS hosting packages! Some level plans have increased in price but you are still getting more for your money.

Upgrades are completed upon request. Please raise a support ticket to enjoy the latest upgrades.

Stay tuned for our Windows VPS upgrades happening soon.

Nov 23rd SSL Certificates Now Available

We have simplified the SSL Certification process. Clients are now able to order directly from Supreme Servers and install automatically.

Also you have the option of multi-year purchase.

View SSL Certificates available:

Sep 6th VPS Memory & Storage Upgrades

We’ve added some extra goodies! Enjoy extra memory and storage at no additional cost.

Supreme Servers has upgraded all their Linux VPS plans and their first two Window packages at no extra charge.

If you would like to enjoy these new benefits, please open a Support ticket and we will upgrade your VPS upon request.

May 9th NEW Debian 7.0 Wheezy and Ubuntu 13.04 Now Available

Debian 7.0 Wheezy and Ubuntu 13.04 are available to install on your VPS. Login into the VPS Control Panel to select the OS.

Note a reinstall of your current VPS will override your existing VPS.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.

Jan 15th Ruby on Rails Template Now Available

Ruby on Rails Template Now Available: As part of our on-going commitment to provide a simple easy to use ultra fast platform with choice, we have created a Ruby on Rails template. Within a few clicks you can have Ruby On Rails template installed on your VPS. Below are instructions on how to do this: 1. Login into your VPS Control Panel2. Select ... Read More »

Jan 15th NEW! 24/7 Live Chat Technical Support

Supreme Servers is pleased to announce the launch of 24/7 live chat technical support. Its available for instant assistance as and when you require it. Access 24/7 live help by clicking "Chat Now" on the bottom right hand side of the website.

For our technical support team to assist effectively, please raise a ticket first.

Dec 11th Supreme Servers Expands into Dallas Featuring SSD VPS Cloud Hosting

New: Dallas SSD VPS Cloud Hosting is pleased to announce its new facility Dallas, TX. After months of planning and implementation you can now choose to have your VPS in Miami, Toronto and/or Dallas! You can instantly deploy and manage multiple VPS’ from each location under one account and one Management Control ... Read More »

Jul 21st Miami Facility Network Upgrade – Providing faster than ever connectivity

In line with our commitment to speed and high performance, Supreme Servers is pleased to announce the recent upgrades at our Miami facility:1. 10-fold increase of our network connectivity2. Extra node redundancy3. Network infrastructure upgradeThe upgrades have made our network more robust, resilient and faster, delivering an even better service ... Read More »